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Frequently Asked Questions

``Intedge is committed to the manufacturing of value-added quality textiles, for the food service industry, proudly carrying the `Made in the USA` label. We recognize each individual's contribution and dedication towards our #1 priority: exceeding customer expectations.``

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General Information

Intedge sells directly to wholesale accounts not retail to the public. If you have established an account with our company and want to be able to order online then you will need to call us to request an online account.  We will setup an account for you and provide you the log in details.

Customer must submit a credit application together with an opening order of $1000.00 list.  Initial orders can not be placed online.  Please call us at 866-969-9605 to discuss the steps to open your wholesale account.

We expect all accounts to pay their bills in 30 days as our Terms are Net 30 Days unless otherwise stated in your contract. No C.O.D.’s.

All past due invoices will be subject to a financing charge of 1.5% per month. A continued credit rating is determined by appropriate payment history. Accounts will be deleted for poor credit or insufficient annual sales.

All returned checks and other payment collection costs will be the responsibility of the account.

All drop shipments will be subject to shipping charges.

If for any reason your order will be delayed in shipping due to manufacturing lag, special instructions, or credit, you will be advised in a timely manner. Otherwise, orders will be shipped within five working days, and custom items will be shipped within 10 working days, unless specified by the customer.

Freight Prepaid: $4000.00 list per shipment for the continental USA to stocking distributors. Back orders will be combined, if feasible, to qualify for the next prepaid shipment. Drop shipments excluded. Must specify freight prepaid when ordering. Any product requested to be shipped to the customer before the order is complete, the customer will be responsible for those freight charges.

A Proper claim must be filed against the carrier by the dealer within 5 days of receipt of goods; OTHERWISE, FREIGHT COMPANY WILL NOT HONOR CLAIMS.

This includes apparent or concealed damage discovered after unpacking. These instructions must be followed exactly, as Intedge’s responsibility ceases when a shipment is accepted for delivery by common carrier.

A $20.00 surcharge will be placed on all orders less than $1000.00 list.

A fee of 20% applies to all orders.

There is a restocking charge of 20%. All returns must be properly packaged and equipment must be in its original carton. Returns must be sent back to us by PREPAID freight. Intedge will not accept returns without prior authorization. Errors made by Intedge, are to be brought to our attention within 3 days of receipt of shipment. Returns must be made within 30 days of receipt of shipment. Any unauthorized returns will be subject to additional charges.

Custom items non-returnable.

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